my emotions are unbereable. im sick to the stomach. i want it to end. i want to stop feeling those kind of emotions. day by day, my brain is m e l t i n g

no one can undestand me. im sick. im sick just like him. my friends are liars. he is a liar. she is a liar. i cant trust anyone at this point. What will they do to me? Will they tell my deepest secrets? THEY are talking about me. behind my backs. i dont trust anyone. truly. never. will. my tiny clown heart hurts. it couldnt accept the maturity of the world. im old, im cold, but i still havent accepted an adult world. im still a kid inside. i cant mature. im stuck in my bed. ive tried to get off, but mold was grown on me. by them. by those liars. what are they gonna do now? i dont know who am i, what is my point in my life, and what i am doing with my life. She ruined my life with some fucked up buff clown named Sergi. what a bitch. she couldnt choose the right man and ruined my life. she ruined HIS life.

You're just like them. full of misery, hatred and despite that, you ARE just like me. arent we similar? do you feel the same way? what do you feel, exactly?

I feel the same way.